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I make my annual visit to RadioShack for an HDMI to DVI adapter. The store is old, empty, and filled with boring products like adapters.

I visit annually because there’s nothing drawing me in.

RadioShack hasn’t evolved. BestBuy, Walmart, Sears, they sell the same products. Between big-box retailers, and online shopping, RadioShack has lost its competitive advantage.

How does RadioShack becomes InnovationShack? Recently, they partnered with PCH (https://theblueprint.com/) “an online retail destination and discovery platform for the next wave of consumer electronics.” (htt5)

This partnership has huge potential. How can RadioShack compel me to visit a couple times a month? New, innovative technology that you can’t buy locally: technology you can touch and interact with. What a wonderful experience – unique products added as they are brought to market.

Think KickStarter, Indiegogo, Grand St., and Quirky, for completed projects. Fully vetted and ready to buy.

Liam Casey, PCH founder, has it figured out:

“There is a role for pop-up stores, online retail, and storefronts. The key to storefronts is creating places for people to browse and discover new products. This is juxtaposed to destination stores, such as a mobile carrier store, where people go for a single purpose.”

Technology innovation has grown – geometrically – with the introduction of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding reduces risk in bringing a product to market which creates greater opportunity for entrepreneurs to build.

RadioShack is perfectly aligned to transform it stores from old and boring to new and innovative.

Hopefully – in the near future – I’ll be visiting RadioShack regularly to purchase cool, innovative gadgets.