Our daily lives are jam-packed with distractions. We’re overwhelmed with activities, errands and other things we could-or should-be doing. Take a break to organize your routine by utilizing these services. From entertainment to inspiration, I bet you’ll find something new.


I doubt you’re a stranger to NetFlix or Amazon Prime, below are a couple you may have missed.

Vevo – music videos streamed to your device (computer, mobile or TV). Having friends over? Bring up your favorite Vevo playlist and turn on your TV. Like MTV, personalized.

Vimeo – Think YouTube (sorry Vimeo) for “carefully curated video”. Documentaries, independent and original short films without the cheesy ads (at least not yet).


Study your favorite stocks, track your investments and balance your budget.

Seeking Alpha – a thriving community of investor’s gone bloggers (or vice-versa). In-depth articles analyzing the financial market. Breaking News includes a simple summary of latest updates.

Vanguardincredible service, robust technology platform and ease-of-use contributes to making these guys one of the best in the business. Fund your Roth, find an ETF, trade stocks, if it’s related to financial, it can be done at Vanguard (and at a lower cost). Automated funding makes investing a snap.

MintIf you’re not tracking your budget, shame on you. Get Mint to manage your daily expenses and income. Includes automated integration with hundreds of banks, creditors, financers, etc… It really couldn’t be easier.


Save time by organizing your existence, outsourcing mundane tasks and taking life by the horns.

Evernotean amazingly popular app/software to organize your content (websites, documents, images, audio clips, video). Ubiquitous syncing across all devices and anywhere you work. Organize your favorite news articles and set reminders to review them later.

Virtual Assistants – having used both Fancy Hands and Zirtual it’s challenging to choose one over the other. Assign 10 tasks, and 5-6 are completed to spec. The others usually need assistance. Either way, they help get a jump on your “to do” list.


Find the latest innovations, keep your finger on the pulse of the internet and get inspired.

KickStarter – crowdfunding made easy. Wonderfully imaginative concepts accelerating the pace of innovation. Use KickSpy to browse new projects seeking funding. If you don’t walk away inspired, don’t walk away.     

IndiegogoKickStarter’s best-friend. Offers greater variety by reducing barriers of entry for campaigners. In an effort to diversify your “investment”, fund projects on Indiegogo. They need love (and money) too!

Uncratea great place to help develop your “to purchase wishlist”. High-end (e.g. expensive) products and services you can probably live without. To be fair, they do share awesome, everyday purchases as well. You might even see a campaign featured from your favorite crowdfunding platform!

Grand St.feels likea collection of successfully launched projects from KickStarter and Indiegogo, but it’s truly a marketplace for “creative technology”. Innovative hardware from the crowd (rather than big business).

The Dieline - truly inspired package design from creative brands around the world. The Dieline keeps you up-to-date on the latest food and product trends, in style. Many designs wrap cool and innovative products-from Gro-able See Pod’s to FOREO’s LUNA Mini there’s no shortage of variety.

Project Outsourcing

Find help on a project, hire a competent service provide, and outsource your job.

99designs – from business cards to website design, create design contests and receive dozens of submissions from professionals around the world. The entire process is streamlined and turn-key-you’re bound to have fun!

Fiverr – simple design work, promotion, and a variety of odd-ball tasks done for $5! Wonderfully addictive site to get a jump start on your projects. You get what you pay for and more-not sure how providers make money, but it’s good for us!

Freelancer – large project work, mundane data entry and everything in between. Post your project and receive bids from providers willing to complete within your budget. Like Elance but easier to use and more cost effective.


Learn a new skill, teach a course, and invest in your future.

Udemy – crowd education made easy. A large variety of video courses by experts (most of the time) in their field. Anyone can create a course, but it takes skill to sell it. Small video teasers provide a glimpse into the material. Go ahead, learn something new!

Creative Live – free, live classes on creative topics. Photography, art/design, life hacking; they have something for everyone. Courses led by professionals and provided free. For a fee, you can download and watch the course at your leisure.

Lyndatechnology based video courses offered by seasoned professionals. Learn Office, AutoCad, or how to handle project management. Awesome collection of technical courses with full transcripts, and course materials, a great resource for business professionals.