by Louis Camassa

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Keeping Your Edge – Competing and Losing

Posted on September 4, 2014

I recently purchased a shiny new Pickleball paddle to replace my long-time, heavy and outdated “battle axe”. The weight difference is noticeable, but more importantly, I haven’t adjusted to the power difference. With a heavier paddle the ball goes further with less follow-through. The opposite is true when using a lighter paddle. So, with my shiny new paddle, the ball is sometimes going out, or dropping short. Albeit, more often than not, it goes where it should. All excuses aside, I’m challenged to a singles match with a young up-and-comer. Having played together before, I know I’m in for a battle. I usually win the first game, he wins the second, and the 3rd game is up for grabs. To further enhance the experience,…